Mary Anne Gruen

Mary Anne loves characters …

Foxie Pavement RoseShe loves to sit back and let them tell their stories ... even when they're talking dragons.

Fanfiction was where she found her writing “voice.” It was there she learned to get out of the way and let the Muse lead. She also learned that her simplistic writing style worked well with long stories and large numbers of characters. 

Mary Anne is presently working on a fantasy series called "Ciendra, the Land of Courage." The first book is called “Tambour.” It deals with the land called Tambour on the south east of the small continent. Humans dominate Tambour, but they are not alone. There are shapeshifters and other magical creatures, including the formless, hated Badal.

For the most part, each group lives apart from the others, but forgotten wrongs and plans of revenge that began there will eventually engulf more than half of the continent.

When not dreaming about talking dragons, Mary Anne can be found with her husband walking their dogs, or working on a community theatre show. Not surprisingly, she likes large dogs with big personalities. And big musicals with large casts.