Ciendra, the Land of Courage


Mary Anne Gruen

It all began a very long time ago, in a far off place, somewhere on the edge of forever...

Crystal Ball

There existed four landmasses in close proximity to each other, surrounded by an endless blue sea. At some point, the restless churning of the earth brought them crashing into each other, pushing up great mountains in the center where the four of them intersected and creating partial divisions between them.

As life developed on this new continent, each of these four lands retained their individual flavor. And since it was a magical time, many of their inhabitants were also magical.

In the Central Mountains, four races of beings came to dominate the four major lands. They were known as the Overseers. Most believed they had been placed there to watch over things and maintain order in the various kingdoms. But there were others who chafed under their leadership and considered them enemies.

 For a long time these Four Lands: Betony, Tambour, Loren, and Gallica, remained totally uninvolved with each other. But that ended sometime after The Magic War and the attack by the Gehenna. After which, the whole continent became known as Ciendra.