Garden Photos by

Mary Anne Gruen

One of Mary Anne's favorite places is her garden ...

Below are some of her favorite plants.

This first picture is of a hardy deciduous azalea. It's very good in colder climates. It grows well as a foundation plant in part shade with damp soil. It's also very fragrant!

Hardy Azalea


This plant is a wild flower that blooms near the end of the summer. It's called mountain mint. The flowers aren't much to look at. But bees love them!

Mountain Mint


Hardy roses grown on their own roots are the best choice in colder climates. Below is one of the Canadian Explorer roses. It's called Henry Kelsey. The blossoms are not as large as some of the hybrid teas people are used to seeing. But it's a real eye-catcher anyway.

Henry Kelsey Rose


Below we have another hardy rose. This one's called Harrison's yellow. Again, it's not a large rose. But it's very hardy. It's also called the Yellow Rose of Texas.

Harrison's Yellow Rose