Short Stories


Mary Anne Gruen

Mary Anne prefers long stories to short, but she’s done a few along the way…


Yellow Fall Leaves"Wahatchee" - The local Indians called her Wahatchee or War Woman. In the summer of 1780 a group of six British soldiers looking for a spy came to Nancy Hart's small cabin in the colony of Georgia. They saw no reason to be afraid of the cross eyed woman or her young daughter. They demanded that she cook for them and then got drunk on her corn liquor as they bragged about killing her neighbor. It was a great mistake. This is a short story based on actual events.


“Manhattan Fairy Tale” - A grandmother tries to get her granddaughter to sleep by telling her a bedtime story about a tarnished knight. Although he doesn’t wear shining armor, he does climb a castle wall of sorts.


“A Thank You” - In the early 1960's, a young mother who has trouble facing the demons of her childhood takes a small stand to give an indirect thank you to two of the people who showed her kindness.


“One Stop Shopping” - Who says romance is just for the young? Despite being senior citizens, Trevor and Molly still have that certain twinkle in their eyes when they once again meet "accidentally" at the supermarket.